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All courses on Closing Credits qualify as education that you can ask your employer to reimburse you for. If your employer has an education budget, expensing the course is easy.
This is especially true for speaking courses like Voice Acting, or courses with a variety of uses, like Audio Engineering or Video Editing.

Letter of Completion

Each course will have an letter of completion that you can download and show your employer or use as proof that you have finished the course.
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Asking a Manager

It’s usually best to ask for approval before you take a course. Most manager’s will want to know the course will benefit them and the company as well as yourself.
Here are some things you can include
  • Course Name, link to the course page with teacher’s bio
  • Mention that it’s listed on Closing Credits, where 10,000s of students have gone to learn about the creative industry
  • Direct access to the instructor, who is an expert in their field
  • The course is live and interactive
  • The cost of the course
  • You can’t wait to share what you learned to your manager and team

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