Buford Taylor

Buford Taylor

Founder Casting Call Club / Closing Credits. Founding engineer @ Reforge. First 10 @ Eventbrite

Buford Taylor is the founder of Closing Credits and Casting Call Club. Previously he was the founding engineer and Head of Engineering at Reforge. Before that he as the 10th employee at Eventbrite.

Previous Companies


Buford helped establish product market fit and hiring the engineering team. He was the only engineer for 2 years, and then led engineering for 2 years more. After bootstrapping to $10M ARR and raising $21M from A16Z, Buford stepped aside for a breather.


As the 10th employee, Buford had his hand in just about every using facing feature for the first 2 years. Then he started and led some teams, including Mobile, Data, and Internationalization.